Home Automation

I just moved into a new home and want to get started in home automation, where do I begin?

Changing all the locks in your house would be our first suggestion, you want to make sure that you have the only keys to your home. I would also suggest getting some sort of monitoring system, like a Video Doorbell or Camera system for your home.


Is there a way where I can give access to people to enter my home at certain times?

There are deadbolts and door locks on the market that give you the ability to set up Access Lists. You can set up your lock to allow your Dog Walker access to your home on MWF from 1pm-3pm, if your Dog Walker tries to access your door outside of the time period they will be denied access. Access can also be revoked at any moment, even remotely.


What other things can I do to automate my home or business?

Setting up lights, and thermostats are excellent ways to automate your home as well. Set up scenes to come home to, or even make it appear that you are home while you are away. Turn lights on for your family dog or be the Ultimate Dad and control the Thermostat from your phone.

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