Security Audit

I don’t have any important information to keep secure, do I need your services?

Most people today are paying bills online today, if you are using your Credit Cards or Banking information online then you need to make sure that your connections and passwords are secure.


I use a strong password and copy and paste it from my computer, is that ok?

Storing your passwords in a notepad is not a good idea, because those files are stored in PLAINTEXT on your computer, if a hacker gains access to your computer (remotely or physically) they can see those passwords. This is why we highly recommend using Password managers like LastPass or 1Password 


I use the same password for all of my sites but it’s hard to guess, is that good?

We understand that having multiple passwords is difficult to remember but having the same password on multiple sites (especially if the username is the same) is EXTREMELY risky. If one of your accounts become compromised, then all of your accounts are now at risk of being compromised.  


I use 2-step authentication already, what else should I be doing to protect myself?

Excellent! You have started the process of keeping yourself secure. Start using a Password Manager to hold your passwords secure. Many Password Managers can even generate passwords for you, so you no longer have to change the name of your dog every time your password needs to be changed.

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